SF Bay Area. I love the Oakland Athletics, when it comes to baseball and root for the San Francisco 49ers when it comes to football. I go to Baylor University in Waco, Texas even though I’m a California kid. I’m a double major in Management Information Systems and Entrepreneurship and I hope to graduate come May 2019; duly noted, I am a classic extrovert (ENFP for my Myers-Briggs peeps). When I’m not studying or working I’m probably eating really good food and documenting it. I love playing sports and spend a good amount of time at the gym. I dislike superficial facades and treasure loyalty and authenticity in my relationships.

My name is Daniel Chae and it’s safe to say I’m caught in a world of constant tension. What are some of these tensions? The fact I want to be cultured in my Korean heritage, but also want to live in harmony and relevance with the white majority culture I reside in…the fact that I have a religion, but want nothing to do with religiosity…the fact that I want to be a diligent student, but not studious…the fact that I want to be in heaven celebrating with my Maker, but not yet go there…the list goes on. My hope everyday is to live a lifestyle of balance guided by faithfulness and diligence.

So there it is folks I’m your everyday guy, but I’m also Daniel Chae. Here’s my blog and hopefully it can be something that brings greater refreshment and clarity to you. I say this as a bonafide hope; there may be moments where I am ill-equipped to do so. When that is the case I will fight to raise up those that are in a position to speak out and teach.

Here’s to lifelong journey of learning.





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