The 6 Friends Everybody Needs Part 2: The Ride or Die Friend

The ride or die friend may not be the best friend or even the one who knows you inside and out, but they’re the ones who are down for anything and anytime. These treasured buddies are the ones who remind us that life is done better together; the activities you do together with the ride or die friend can be as exciting as spontaneously exploring the local metropolitan city or as mundane as chilling on the sofa and listening to a throwback playlist.

I’ve heard it often said it’s not what we do together, but whom we do it with; in today’s world it has become even more apparent the vast array of options concerning living situations, job choice, and even hobbies. As a result, we’ve developed quite the component lifestyle for ourselves doing a myriad of activities; with so many options we’ve decided to pack as much of our differing social circles and passions into a single schedule.

Classic millenial sentiment brings us to a simple, yet concerning issue. Who do we do life with when we have such a wide array of job choices and hobbies? Do we simply hang out with our church friends Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday and our drinking buddies Tuesday and Friday? The ride or die friend becomes a crucial piece to our lives because:

  1. They remind us of the importance of solidarity: The ride or die friend allows us to experience the exhilarating feeling of unspoken unity and agreement. It’s this very same unspoken sentiment that supersedes any organizational tie and gives us an unadulterated picture of what it means to dwell in greater love and unity without distraction.
  2. They give us an idea of what sacrifice looks like: Often times the ride or die friend isn’t simply waiting on a whim to hang out because he has a free schedule; she isn’t waiting by the phone anticipating that hangout text. For many of us time constraints and previous commitments are a reality; as a result rest and personal time come at a premium. Ride or die friends grant us a picture of sacrifice by means of balancing work and rest while putting in time and effort to be at our side.
  3. They are a reflection of the manner in which God is with us: We’ve heard God is always with us; in fact, we learn in Sunday school the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead also lives within us. Crazy, huh? God is with us; this means God doesn’t have to check his schedule or be booked in two weeks in advance for us to roll with him. God doesn’t ignore our spiritual inquiries or forget to respond. He may not always respond in immediate, definitive fashion, but he’s always a “yes, I’m with you” type of God. The ride or die friend becomes a reflection of the relentless love of God and gives us a taste of a God who is always, always present with us.

All in all the ride or die friend is a great buddy to have around; hopefully the relationship doesn’t take on too much a “us against the world” type of feel, but rather allow us to understand the importance of solidarity. Here’s to the ride or die friends of the world!


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