Preview: The 6 Types of Friends Everybody Needs

Hi Friends,

There is something profound about relationships. Jim Rohn, motivational speaker, once said we are the average of the five people we hang out with most. Upon reading Rohn’s quote, I began to think about the importance and sacredness of relationships; his words made me realize the product that is our lives is largely influenced by those closest to us.

I think if we examine Rohn’s intentions we may find he is not simply attempting to recite mere fact, but get us, as readers, to look deeper into the issue of relationships and personal development. Could it be that Rohn desires to encourage us to rethink the five people we spend the most time with and to be more intentional with who we spend what may be the most valuable currency on the earth, which is time?

In the good spirit of Rohn’s words I present to you a six week series of “The 6 Types of Friends Everybody Needs”. The first installment, “The Best Friend” can be expected tomorrow (May 13th).

As Millenials some of our deepest longings are to know and be known by others. It is such a gift from God to have the privilege of various deep relationships; unfortunately, some never find the people that walk alongside and spur them forward into who they were created to be. I hope to uncover and clarify perhaps a few crucial types of friends everyone could use a little bit more of. Some of the types may be expected, but some types I hope to be a refreshment to your life and perhaps something that cultivates deeper intentionality and thinking on you and I’s end.

Hope to see you tomorrow!




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