Arrogance (Me), Confidence (You)

Hi millenials and, if applicable, people of God.

For the longest time I’ve made the observation of the way people carry themselves. Early on in high school it was really it easy to pick out the people who were “confident” and the people who simply “were not”.

Confidence is such a beautiful thing and, frankly, rather addicting. It mirrors the feeling of drunkenness as it makes you feel like you are on the top of the world; on a deeper level, confidence allows us to function freely and boldly because we are walking in the identity God crafts for us.

Yet, as broken beings, we seem to muck the goodness of God up in a very obvious way.

Cue in arrogance folks.

Here is the definition according to

offensive display of superiority or self-importance; overbearing pride.”

Maybe a simplified definition of arrogance, courtesy of my father when calling me out in arrogance, would be even more helpful:

“Arrogance is a false confidence because it is based out of [your] insecurity and personal feelings of insufficiency.”

That’s me to a tee folks and it’s something I seek to work on every day. My arrogance is based out of an insufficiency and, often, I feel like I have to compensate for my own weakness and out of my strength, rather than allowing the blood of Jesus to fully cover my shortcomings. There’s some kind of verse that says, “when we are weak, then we are strong”, right?

I think, at the same time, this arrogance in me gets produced because I’ve tasted and seen the goodness of God manifested in the confidence I receive from the Heavenly Father’s love and affection. In a sense, arrogance is my longing for the confidence that stems from real, unconditional love, but out of an unsustainable and fleshly initiative.


I am so proud of you because of the way you carry yourselves. You know the Father and the Father knows you. You long to sit at his feet and listen to the wisdom that He has to share and it gets me stoked. I see you walking in a godly confidence that is rooted and established in love rather your own self means. I sense a peace that rests deep within your souls because of the great things that God has done in your life and it makes me want to know that same love in a deeper and more intimate way.

Confidence in it of itself is not impressive; some might say it simply is arrogance because it is based on a shaky foundation of insecurity and shortcoming. But a confidence that comes from knowing God and his infinite love is a quality that we get the joy of pursuing and exploring the rest of eternity. A confidence established in the Father’s love is built on a strong foundation of God’s everlasting faithfulness and diligence.

I think the practical move here is to first confront the areas where we are arrogant. What are the areas that God’s love truly needs to have access to? On a daily basis I ask God to transform my way of thinking when it comes to relationships and work.

The prayer I enjoy praying is,

“God I simply want to follow where you go, that you would lead me and that I would joyfully follow, not out of my own strength or effort, but by an overwhelming sense of your grace and power.”

Some of us don’t know we are arrogant, but chances are…we are and that’s ok. Christ comes to bring life abundantly that we might have life in all of its fullness.



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