We Suck at Multi-Tasking


have you ever tried multi-tasking? It’s pretty difficult to do when you have a slew of things you are trying to accomplish; the amount of things begin to pile up as we begin to display our utmost ability to fail and fall short of our many multi-tasking goals.

I was just thinking earlier today of this reality and, yet, how often do I continue to try to multi-task…and continue to spread myself too thin? This unfortunate occurrence often takes place in my relationships, studies, and my relationship with God. There are so many things that seem to require my attention and I cannot, to save my life, find success in achieving everything I could possibly want in a day’s work.

But you know who isn’t a bad multi-tasker? God. He’s the best multi-tasker we could ever imagine. In this thing called Christianity there is a God who is perfect in nature and can somehow be in every place and be fully aware and cognizant of those who pray and cry out to him. This line of thought got me thinking about the nature of God and the multiple roles he plays in each of our lives.

My upbringing was by no means perfect, but I certainly had parents who were a lot of different things to me. I had a mother, father, friend, mentor, coach, and so much more in the two of my parents. They continually showed me mercy even when I was not aware I was in need of mercy. It’s only in retrospect that I have begun to realize all of the things my parents did for me throughout my childhood; I’ve only grown in gratitude for their kindness and benevolence towards me.

Here’s the thing: for most of us, our parents’ love and benevolence towards us is a mere glimpse of God’s love and benevolence towards us.

How can someone be fully an all mighty God, loving father, and sacrificial friend all into one divine being? I don’t know about you, but I would find it extremely testing to be an all powerful God, yet display the humility required to be a sacrificial and loving friend. I mean, wouldn’t you?

This is the beauty of the Gospel millenials. God fully acts as an all powerful God [he doesn’t have to love us]; he in fact holds all power to end our lives as we exist. Yet, he continues to act as an understanding Father and sacrificially loving friend.

Millenials this is the love we are called to. When we think we are loving people, we can read our Bibles and realize there is an infinite amount of love that we can give because we serve an infinitely loving God. When we start to feel like we are understanding what it means to love we can be sure that God is constantly calling us to higher sacrifice, cost, and initiative to love the children of God; this includes our friends and, guess what, this call also includes are enemies.

When the Bible talks about “enemies” rarely do any of us have people that actually hate us and want to see us die; the word enemies includes the ones that aren’t like us, the ones that mess with our vibes, and especially the ones who simply don’t offer you anything [did anyone say relationship reciprocation].

So let’s be sure to look at those beautiful faces we see in the mirror and ask how we can be more radically loving towards the people of God, friends and enemies included. God never once said “why doesn’t ______ (insert name here) get it?”. God always moved in radical understanding and initiatory love, even when it was inconvenient for him [cue the crucifixion and how Jesus asks for the cup of suffering to pass over him]. Maybe, just maybe, we can do the same as we seek to follow Jesus.


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