If You Give A Man

There are many things that are said to bring destruction to a man’s soul. Proverbs goes into great detail the consequences of foolery and rebellion; much of the Old Testament displays the negative effects of individual pride and selfish ambition.

Today foolery, pride, and selfish ambition still have similar effects to the human condition; you might even say that getting the human race to steep oneself into foolishness, pride, and selfish ambition is on Satan’s never-ending list to do list.

Amongst these out-in-the-open tactics maybe we can talk about another; it’s more covert. This certain strategy is not so much aimed at bringing the human soul down into the miry clay, but to a place much more sinister and ominous.

Apathy, Christian brethren, is one of our greatest, collective downfalls . The ability to have everything that we would possibly need is potentially deadly; at times we begin to require less of a Savior that required nothing of ourselves.

“What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?”

-Matthew 16:26

Apathy is decrepit because at face value it is an immensely beautiful thing. Apathy fueled by abundant resources, restorative community, and a lack of suffering can all look like God’s beautiful provision.

Healthy? Check. Great friends? Check. Fulfilling career? Check. Enough money in the bank? Check.

None of these things are mentioned as benchmarks of a Christian, yet I think we tend to use them as criteria for ourselves when pondering what it means to be in relationship with Jesus.

This passage in Matthew is in reference to fully surrendering to Christ and taking up a cross that would otherwise be too heavy for any of us to carry. We are to prioritize obeying the commands of God, by the grace of God.

Anyone who has a fulfilling life coupled with worldly possessions and an altogether convenient life ought not to be demonized or condemned for their lifestyle; rather believers should be compelled to look at their own spiritual fruit in order to fully quantify whether or not they are truly taking up their cross.

Apathy occurs when we no longer align our lifestyle preferences with the commands of God; apathy creeps in when obedience and surrender begin to take a backseat to personal agenda.

That being said, believers should be challenged everyday to deny themselves and take up their cross for the sake of following Christ; we ought to be faced with the daily decisions of prioritizing the commands of God over our own fleshly agenda.

We need not be wary of nice things, a phenomenal life, or daresay even the white picket fence. However, brethren, let us be wary of apathy; let us be wary of no longer carrying a cross that we’ve been asked to bear, by His wonderful grace.


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