La La Land

Review of Movie: worth its Rotten Tomatoes audience score of 91%. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone play an excellent duo intertwined in tasteful, yet deceptively engaging antics in an overall well done film complete with musical numbers and outstanding cinematography. Thank you run on sentences

Review of Movie-over.

But, let’s pull away something biblical and wholesome.

Millenials we are the most entitled and idealistic generation to date; why? Our parents raised us to believe that we can do anything; for goodness sake we received medals for mere participation in everything whether it was recreational sports to art class. We are idealistic to a tee and, often times, this is the knock against us.

We need to be real with where we are at; yes, we can be idealistic, entitled, and disillusioned to a world that may not present a feasible reality.

Yet, I think there is something to the idealistic mind that God wants to use for his glory.

Call me out if this piece of scripture is being misused/misinterpreted, but this piece of Revelation, I believe, is meant as an indication that Jesus is going to come back and make everything new:

“He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

-Revleations 21:4

The idea of a perfect, uninhibited world is the idealist’s dream-is it not?

The ultimate goal for our faith is to worship Jesus in unadulterated manner, in perfection, and without sin.

This is our hope that stands on nothing less; Jesus won’t fail us. For this reason we keep running the race called life and press on to receive the prize that is eternity with Christ.

Let it be known, however, we do not presently live in a reality where we are uninhibited by sin; we live in a world with a lot of sin.

The immature, idealistic Christian will try to ignore the sin, hurt, and pain and attempt to create an environment in which everything is as perfect as possible. This often leads to unfruitful Christians that lack the diligence and faithfulness Christ freely gives us to love and obey him.

The mature, idealistic Christian will openly acknowledge and live within the realm of an imperfect Earth requiring Jesus’ return. This type of living will lead to a diligence and faithfulness gladly accepted through God’s grace; the fruitfulness becomes a natural byproduct of abiding in the Vine. Finally, eager expectation for Christ’s return becomes a burning longing for necessary redemption of the Earth and its sin.

Idealists, we have the potential to live with heaven in our hearts and to usher the coming kingdom of Christ through our fruit and intercession. We also have the potential to live unfruitful, disillusioned lives that begets apathy. Let us be wary of the latter.

Let us run this race with a diligence given by the grace of God; we are saved by grace let us therefore live fruitfully by grace.



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