Hold Steadfast to Your Dreams

The idea of success has become highly subjective, difficult to navigate, and even more arduous to accomplish. Everyone wants it, desires it, and envies it when others achieve it. What is success?

We, as millennials, think success is a lot of things. We think it is anything, but the 9am-5pm routine; likewise, we hope success is found in work that brings personal, existential meaning. Companies know this and are scrambling for millenials to come join their companies while promoting excellent work culture, meaningful work, and the benefits to top it all off.

We see our parents and the feeble tower of Babels they’ve built with their few, but valuable possessions and scoff in pride. We can build something greater; we’d gladly forgo the idea of having possessions in exchange to live a wild life all our friends would be envious of as they watch our lives behind a 4.5 inch mobile screen.

It’s often difficult for millennials to define what success explicitly means. For many of us, life goals and vigorous ambitions often change on a yearly, if not on a monthly or daily basis. What is the calling of our lives? What ought we do with our years left on this Earth?

The idea of a life calling is so sexy; it brings security, assurance, and seems to exhibit a maturity above the rest of our peers.

I do not know what it means to be successful on a grand scale. I have not created a successfully funded startup worth the upper millions and I have not gone IPO; I’m still a broke college student.

I have this hunch, however, that success, whatever it may be, is bred out of diligence, consistency, and faithfulness.

“And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight”

-Philippians 1:9

The context of this verse is Paul sending a letter to Philippians; his call to action is for them to grow in love [for God and others] and do it with all their hearts. Likewise, the duality of his prayer also states that the love [for God and others] would be contained within knowledge and depth of insight. These two words denoted wisdom, diligence, and consistency.

A wild, out of control love can only do so much. It might inspire others, but if love is not bound by self-control and guided by faithfulness, it will quickly die out.

Statistically many of us will live for another fifty to seventy years and that simply means that we have a ways to go in living the rest of our life. Sure, we might have great initiatives or endeavors, but if they are not matched with a likewise persistence, they will quickly fade away.

Millenials are known for being fleeting, but we are also on the cutting edge of innovation and continually break ground in discoveries and new ideas. We have the means to be successful; if we added the ability to be diligent and faithful we might actually find what we are looking for.


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