I Must Decrease

“He must become greater; I must become less.”

John 3:30

I look at this verse and am taken into different thought processes. On one hand I perceive this verse to be a call to humility in addition to a call to decrease my pride so that Christ would be fully exalted in my life. This in it of itself is difficult as I seek to fulfill my own selfish desires and weigh them with the things of God that I might become more righteous and holy, pleasing to my God’s eyes.

Inherently I am a prideful and self-seeking man drawn to himself by his own means; yet I have encountered a God so kind and benevolent that he would pay the ultimate sacrifice so that I might come to know his perfect nature. Nonetheless, his direction must become greater in my life to the point where I take my hands off my own life and aim to trust God fully.

On the other hand I see this verse as a prayer-a desperate prayer. As a millenial I find myself in a myriad of situations on a daily basis; I find myself staring directly at opportunities to sin, digress, and backslide. As I wish this was an exaggeration, I find that the reality of sin and the dark and perilous road it leads to is a stark one.

The path of righteousness is a straight and narrow one; it is not easy to follow for if keeping on the straight and narrow path was easy everyone would be doing it. The desperate prayer inferred upon is this: God I cannot bear to navigate the path that is in front of me for my own sin and depravity would lead me instantly astray.

The moment I wake up tomorrow morning my own sin might overtake me. God your sovereignty has made a way into my life and I now belong to you. This selfish inner man has only led me away from the path I ought to stay on; Lord Jesus would you become greater in me and increase my desire to follow you so that I might stay steady on this path of righteousness that you have so gifted me with privilege to follow?

A bit of a somber blog post this afternoon, but I find that the hope found in these feeble prayers lead to a comfort and perfect peace in a Savior that has promised redemption for those that might their trust in him.


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