For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.”

-Philippians 1:21

The meaning of this verse can be interpreted in so many ways. I choose to focus on this lasting, eternal sentiment: we are torn in two very different directions in regards to where our souls actually reside and where our souls belong.

Right now, this blog is being written on Earth; likewise you are reading this on Earth probably on your mobile device or computer. At the same time, if you are a Christian, your soul is longing to be in Heaven with our Father in Eternity.

The “soul” is a tricky term define because it truly is so existential. The best connotation I can provide is that it is our “inner spirit”; it is our “inner man” not limited by the body and the one entity that gets to make the travel to eternity, whether that is heaven or hell.

I might go even further in my previous assertion and say that we ought to absolutely feel this dualistic pull between heaven and hell. Our souls ought to long to be with the One that created us because heaven is where we belong; heaven is the location of perfection, the absence of suffering, and ultimate redemption of sin. It’s the place where unadulterated worship takes place as we reside in perfect love and peace.

In that same vein, we absolutely must choose and long to be here on Earth as long as our bodies will allow. The idea of eternity becomes a painstakingly overarching and annoying reality if that is all we live for. The amount of suffering, imperfection, and destruction on this Earth is too much to bear for the human soul.

This world is an ugly place; it absolutely needs to be redeemed with all the death, violence, and bigotry currently circulating the globe. But because to live is Christ I will continue to press into the King who holds ultimate power, dominion, and control; I will choose to follow him, obey him, and surrender fully to what he might have me do.

Likewise, I will continue to long and live for eternity.

“maranâ thâ’ ” Come Lord Jesus



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