Life is a Never-Ending Stream of Moments

I’m going to play to the logic inside all our minds and make this assertion: Life (Your Life, My Life, and Everyone Else’s Life) is a long stream of moments that happen one after another. In this current day and age there appears to be a plethora of “moments” to choose from.

There are the wild, spontaneous moments that seem to simply appear and then dissipate after a little while. These are flashes of greatness that make life enjoyable and worthwhile. I’m sure you’ve had at least a few of these: random dance parties, late night eating adventures, or the last minute travel excursions that end up taking you far and wide.

There are the cry-on-somebody-else’s-shoulder moments of emotional upheaval. This includes times of sorrow, pain, and suffering perhaps at the expense of a loved one, an amazing revelation of life, or undesirable instances of conflict that make the soul ache.These moments help us realize that life is not perfect; we realize life is going to eventually be filled with these emotional upheavals and how it would greatly benefit us to learn how to deal with them and respond accordingly.

Finally, there are the seemingly boring, everyday moments of using the restroom or taking a breath of fresh air. When was the last time you sat on the toilet and thought, “what a time to be alive”? When was the last time you took a breath and thought, “wow, that was fulfilling, refreshing, and I’m glad I took the breath in so deeply. I’m so grateful for oxygen”. We, as humans, aren’t wired to think with such longevity in the everyday moments. However, it’s these everyday moments that life seems to consist the most of.

If you were to somehow count up all your “moments”, how many of each would you have? How would the percentages be displayed on your “moments” calculator? As millenials I think these questions present a trivial and challenging situation.We have Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Yik Yak to record every waking moment of our lives in order to share them with the rest of the world. Call me jaded, but there is a side of today’s social media that is all about glorifying the “notch in the belt loop” sentiment of life. What crazy thing did you do on the weekend? Who did you party with? What wild, out of the ordinary activity did you participate in? How do we become the envy of our friends and maintain the status of “the wild one” or the “spontaneous one”?

I think if we are honest, we would love to have far more of the spontaneous, wild flashes of greatness than we would the everyday occasions of life. Personally, I wish I could say I had twice as many adventures and out of this world journeys as I did the times I sat down and did some kind of homework for class. But again, if we are honest, I haveĀ done several times the amount of homework and test preparation than I have gone on wonderful travel excursions or wild eating adventures late into the night.

So where am I going with all this? Yes, life consists of moments; let’s all be honest. The number of everyday moments far outweigh the other flashes of spontaneity or emotional upheaval; however, we simply need to be ok with that reality. No, I am not saying to go seek the boring and mundane and become some sort of social hermit that claims to never seek the “moments” of life because that would be straight up boring.

As I follow Jesus I have to believe in this one thing: that life following after a God who set me from free from all unrighteousness and presented me with the beautiful gift of salvation is different, radical, yet unchanging. None of these adjectives are antithetical to joy, spontaneity, or wild. However, I think it would behoove us as Christians to define for ourselves, based on the living Word of God, what a life lived following Jesus is all about. Ultimately I know my time and resources are no longer my own, but fully and freely submitted to the Lord; he is the reason I live on this Earth and the reason I long to be in Heavenly eternity with my Savior.

“I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.”

-Psalm 27:13

This Psalm is huge for me because it shifts my focus away from any kind of “moment” I would make for myself on Earth and simply turn my gaze towards following Jesus the Son of God. What does it look like for (insert name here) to be obedient, surrendered, and Gospel minded? This is a trivial question that will probably not be answered overnight, but certainly a great place to start. The wild and spontaneous moments of life are amazing; following Jesus is certainly the place I want to be. The two aren’t mutually exclusive, however, they tend to be premised on two very contrasting elements: self vs. Christ.

The thought life I prefer to dwell in is this: surrender and obedience to the Word of God never fail. Christ promises us joy and fulfillment in following him while also guaranteeing hardship and trials. God gives us his word that his love is the end all be all; life really is about seeking more of God and his character, while ushering the return of Jesus by loving those on the Earth already. I trust that following this Jewish dude who died over 2000 years ago is worth following. I might be a fool for thinking this, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see won’t we? I’ll let you know at the end of my life if following the Son of God panned out for me or not!



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